The Best Tip To Kill Cockroaches & Fruit Flies Naturally Without Any Sprays

The Best Tip To Kill Cockroaches & Fruit Flies Naturally Without Any Sprays

 How to kill cockroaches & fruit flies naturally?


What comes in as an uninvited guest and becomes an owner? Cockroach and fruit fly!


We have been having a lot of fruit flies at home lately and we have set a few fruit fly traps around the house with apple cider vinegar but they didn’t seem working as effectively as we wanted. The fruit flies seemed attracted to the wine that my flatmate’s (Shorty) drank more. Maybe they are alcoholics?

A bit frustrated with the fruit flies enjoying “their bath” in his glass of wine, Shorty set up some traps with the red wine that my friends brought over for dinner last time. We could see a lot more fruits flies falling into our traps. Hooray!

We left one trap outside our garden patch too. Surprisingly, the next morning we got 3 cockroaches and a few fruit flies in our trap. So, we have more “alcoholics” falling into our trap – Jackpot!!!


So, what do you do to get rid of cockroaches or fruit flies?


You can simply pour some red wine into a tall glass (we use tumbler) or a tall jar so the cockroaches can’t craw themselves out. Leave it on the floor anywhere that you think the cockroaches like to “play hide and seek” (i.e: kitchen corners, kitchen bench, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe or outside the garden etc).

If you decide to leave the cockroach trap in your wardrobe, put it in right the corner so that you won’t knock it over.


Change the wine every 2 days. Pour the cockroaches and the wine into a few plastic bags and dump it in a rubbish bin. I used 3 plastic bags because I didn’t want the cockroaches to make their ways out by biting through the bags.

If you only want to get rid of the fruit flies, it’s better if you cover the glass with cling wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Make a dozen or so holes by using the bamboo skewer to poke through the cling wrap. Make the holes big enough for fruit flies to go in but can’t go out.


  •  Check the glass every now and then. If not many fruit flies fall into the trap, you may need to make the holes a bit bigger.
  • Buy some cheap clearskin red wines which cost a few dollars a bottle. Aldi has very some cheap red wines.

Photo Source: Fearlesswealth


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