Snack Attack Hunger Craving Support Gum 12 Pack

Snack Attack Hunger Craving Support Gum 12 Pack

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Snack Attack Hunger Craving Support Gum 12 Pack

Snack Attack™ Hunger Craving Support Gum is an innovative new chewing gum that has been scientifically formulated with Svetol™ Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Chromium and added vitamins to help you control your hunger cravings.

Utilising a unique patented technology the active ingredients in Snack Attack™ are released quickly and efficiently so that you can feel the benefits within minutes and last for hours. Its delicious, long lasting fresh mint flavor also makes it ideal for freshening breath and keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Snack Attack™ can be taken anywhere, any time and is great for:
* Resisting hunger cravings
* Replenishing vital nutrients
* Helping keep your teeth clean
* Keeping your breath fresh

Unlike meal replacement foods because Snack Attack™ contains no sugar and has less than 12kj of energy per piece by avoiding the temptation to snack between meals you will reach your weight loss goal faster.

Snack Attack™ is effective because:
* It contains scientifically research nutrients to help reduce hunger cravings.
* It locks them in the centre of the gum using Patented technology, ready to be released.
* The nutrients are released immediately in the mouth – This is far more effective than pills and potions.
* The more you chew, the more nutrients are released into your system.

Used regularly, you start feeling the benefits of Snack Attack™ after a few days. Simply Chew 2-4 pieces a day to help beat the urge to snack between meals. You can take up to 4 pieces per day whenever you feel you are not in control of your will-power.

Each piece of gum contains:

A patented extract obtained from decaffeinated green coffee beans that is rich in Chlorogenic acids and a source of caffeic and quinic acids. It has been evaluated in numerous clinical studies for its effectiveness as an aid to support weight management programs. Snack Attack contains 100mg of Svetol® per gum. This is the most exclusive version of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

A mineral that humans require in trace amounts to assist in macronutrients metabolism. Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage a carbohydrate, fat, and protein in the body.

Essential for energy and macronutient metabolism.

Made from the leaves form Camellia sinesis and is rich flavonols whic are highly regarded for their antioxidant benefits and are purported to reduce fat absorption.

An amino acid found in avocadoes, dairy products, beef and lamb. It plays a role in helping to convert fatty acids into fuel your body can use for energy, white at the same time promoting growth and development.

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