Protein Food List

Protein Food List

Protein provides us with amino acids. When you eat protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, fish, dairy, lentils, beans or quinoa, your digestive system breaks down the protein into peptides and then into amino acids to build muscles, organ tissues, enzymes or neurotransmitters. Protein also plays a good role in supporting your blood sugar balance. So, if you crave for carbohydrates, you might not consume enough protein. Click here to read more about the signs of protein deficiency.

There are 23 amino acids which the body can use to build the neurotransmitters and muscles but only 8 are known as essential amino acids as they must be obtained through diet. If there is not enough of the other 15 amino acids in the diet, they can be made in the body from these 8 essential amino acids. It’s very important for vegan or vegetarian to eat grains and legumes on the same day to obtain these essential amino acids.

If you do not consume enough protein from foods, you may take protein supplements. However, please ensure to have a blood test every 6 months to check your liver and kidney functions. Excess dietary protein can cause high blood sugar, weight gain, kidney stress, leaching of bone minerals, and stimulate cancer cells.

If you have a consistent foamy urine, please see your doctor for a kidney function test. Foamy urine could be due to dehydration, pregnancy or kidney issues.

It’s very important to buy a good quality of protein supplement as some protein supplements can cause acne, constipation, diarrhoea and flatulence. Always opt for RAW, organic and fermented protein as it’s easier for the gut to digest and absorb the nutrients. It’s not what the box says but how your gut can digest that protein matters!!! Buying protein powders that your gut can’t digest well is a wasting of money and causing more health issues down the track. My favourite protein products are Amazonia Raw Paleo Protein Vanilla & Lucuma, Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla, Amazonia Raw Slim and Tone Protein, or Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hemp Protein Powder.

I always bring protein powders with me whenever I travel. Having a protein powder shake while waiting for the flights is way better than gulping down a burger or a pack of chips. I also take protein powder or protein food that contains 10 – 20 g of protein 30 minutes before bed. Clinical Trials study shows that ingesting protein before bed can increase muscle strength, muscle size, and muscle fibre size. Consumption of tryptophan in protein foods (i.e: eggs, cottage cheese, salmon, turkey, nuts and seeds) or protein supplement before bed can also give you a good sleep.

Protein Food List


Food Amount Protein (grams)
Fish and meats
Tuna, tinned 85 g/1 small tin 18
Cod 35 g/1 very small piece 18
Salmon 100 g/1 small piece 18
Sardines 100 g/1 baked 18
Chicken 75 g/1 small roasted breast 18
Steak 85 g 23
Pork chops, boneless 85 g 26
Turkey breast 85 g 24
Halibut 85 g 23
Octopus 85 g 25
Anchovies 85 g 24
Eggs and dairy products
Eggs 2 medium 12
Yogurt, natural 100 g 5
Cottage cheese 100 g 11
Egg yolk 1 large 3
Swiss cheese 28 g 8
Milk 2% 1 cup 8
Nuts and seeds
Sunflower seeds 185 g/1 cup 20
Pumpkin seeds 75 g/1/2 cup 20
Cashew nuts 115 g/1cup 20
Almonds 115 g/1cup 20
Hemp seeds 60 g 22
Chia seeds 28 g 4
Walnut 28 g, 14 halves 4
Tahini 1 tbsp 3
Peanut butter 2 tbsp 8
Grains and pulses
Quinoa, cooked 1 cup 9
Tempeh 1 cup 41
Lentils, cooked 1 cup 18
Black Beans, cooked 1 cup 15
Tofu, firmed 115 g 11
Brown rice, cooked 1 cup 5
Chickpeas, cooked 2/3 cup 20
Navy beans 1 cup 20


Wheat germ 28 g 6
Lima beans, cooked 170 g/1 cup 12
Soba noodles 85 g 12
Peas, frozen 250 g/2 cups 14
Broccoli, cooked 1 cup 4
Potato 1 medium 4
Other beans 200g/2 cups 20
Spinach 30 g/1 cup 1
Mushrooms 70 g/1 cup 2
Bamboo shoots, raw 151 g/1 cup 4
Green beans 100 g 1.8
Brussels sprouts 88 g/1 cup 3
Cabbage, raw 88 g/1 cup 1
Celery 110 g 1
Choko (Chayote) 100 g 0.8
Kale, raw 67 g/1 cup 2
Mung bean sprouts 104 g/1 cup 3
Swede 100 g 1.1
Asparagus 134 g/1 cup 3
Beetroot 136 g/1 cup 2
Bok choy 1 cup 1
Chinese cabbage 100 g 1.5
Carrot 128 g 1
Avocado 1 medium 4
Pomegranate 1 large 5
Spirulina 1 tbsp 8
Chlorella 28 g 16



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