43 Foods Rich In Vitamin B17

43 Foods Rich In Vitamin B17

There are so many controversies about using Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin or laetrile) in cancer prevention and treatment. Vitamin B17 is derived from natural food sources and abundant in apricot kernels and apple seeds.

Vitamin B17 interacts with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and pancreatic enzymes to break down and eradicates harmful cells from the body which is good for detox, increases immunity and prevents some diseases.


Below are Vitamin B17 food list.

43 Foods Rich In Vitamin B17


Apple seeds                                                                          Kidney beans

Alfalfa sprouts                                                                     Lima beans

Apricot kernels                                                                    Loganberries

Bamboo shoots                                                                    Macadamia nuts

Barley                                                                                     Millet

Beet tops                                                                                Mulberry

Bitter almond                                                                        Nectarine kernels

Blackberry                                                                             Peach kernels

Boysenberry                                                                          Pear seeds

Brewer’s yeast                                                                       Pecans

Brown rice                                                                             Plum kernels

Buckwheat                                                                             Quince

Cashews                                                                                 Raspberry

Cassava (Tapioca)                                                               Cherry kernels

Spinach                                                                                 Green peas

Cranberry                                                                              Sprouts (Alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat, garbanzo)

Eucalyptus leaves                                                                Pumpkin seeds

Currants                                                                                 Strawberry

Fava beans                                                                            Walnuts

Flax seeds                                                                              Watercress

Garbanzo beans                                                                   Huckleberry




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